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Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

Hviezdoslav as an attribute for Orava county used the word „wild-beautiful“. What does this word truly mean explains the paintings of Maria Medvecka. They tell a story about a wild region full of hardworking and vital people, to whom life was not tolerant.

In her paintings, we can find realistic and impresionistic features. Her most famous work is probably the illustration of former Czechoslovakian 10kč banknote. She illustrates on the banknote Orava barrage and 2 girls from Tvrdosin. Kids from Tvrdosin pose for her very often, and in her atelier, she tried to capture the most realistic on the canvas.

Together with her husband Ctibor Belan they played a big part in the creation of Oravian gallery in Dolny Kubin. They deserved to make professional arts more accessible to the people of Orava.