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48 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

Authentical experience of Orava.

Life in the village we know mainly from the works of our writers and poets. Museum of Orava village will show you, exactly what they wrote about. The village in the valley is created by historical wooden houses, which are decorated with authentical furniture and working equipment.

Each house is arranged in a way, that it mirrored specific utility building or home of different inhabitants of oravian villages – teacher, peasant, soltys, Dominant is a rustical church of saint Alzbeta.

On first sight, it doesn’t seem that nobody lives anymore in the houses – in the windows are flowers and feather quilts to get some air and warm at the sun.

In the womb of wild nature

A native from Orava P. O. Hviezdsoalv used for the description of the nature of Orava word wild nature, with which he wanted to underline the wilderness and colorness of nature in this region. Museum of Orava village is because of this located under hills of rohace on a big glade surrounded by woods.

How did people use to live at that time?

That life was hard in Orava and fulfilled with work indicates also equipment in each house. You will see how bread was baked, how milk has proceeded, how gloves were made from sheep wool, how flax has proceeded and after that how cloth was made and many more.

Crafting workshops with carving, beekeeping, tinker, textile, and ceramic samples are a variation. You will learn more about their products and you can also buy them as a souvenir.

A trip to this place will enjoy everyone at any age. The museum is often visited by tourists from Slovakia also from foreign countries, individuals, couples and also whole families.