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44 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

It was created by Peter Ganobjak, local folk carpenter, to protect the whole Orava and hearts of its residents.

Thanks to its height 9,5 m it is the highest statue of Christ in Slovakia.

Protects the surrounding country and provides wonderful panoramic views. During good weather, it is possible to see the High Tatras over Orava barrage, Rohace, and many other hills and cities. With orientation will help you an info panel with a map of peaks. In front of Christ kneels statue of Saint Jan Pavol II. Surrounding of the statue is nicely modified – here are located a lot of flowers, chapel, lot benches to take rest and to get spiritual peace. Here is located also a wooden shelter where you can hide in case of bad weather.

Under the hill is free parking, from which the hike to the statue lasts about half an hour along modified and not so steep terrain. In the upper part of the route, you may be attracted by crossroad stops.

During clear days you will not be alone at this place. Besides pilgrims, it is visited by families with kids and visitors from foreign countries or different corners of Slovakia. You can connect the trip with the visit of Orava barrage and Slanicky Island of art.