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Sedlliacka Dubova


22 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

With size, it can not compare to the ruins of castles, but you can see it from the road. You can get there from the village in approx. 10 minutes. It has preserved walls and towers, the remnants of two chapels and the ossuary. Until recently was the church covered by bushes, thanks to that it looked like a cursed castle from a fairy tale. Today is the surrounding clean and the church is easy to access. Its rescue is provided by volunteers, which clean its surroundings and try to keep the church clean. They reconstructed the ossuary and conservated many parts of the church.

Regarding the fact that this church is mysterious, we know about it a lot of information. Originally it was known by Oravian people as the church of Saint. Kozma and Damian. The reason for its downfall was the spread of the village Sedliacka Dubova direction to the valley of Orava, so the opposite way from the church.

As the church was for the villagers far away, they used to visit a wooden chapel in the center of the village. As the chapel was visited by more people than a mysterious church on the edge of the hill, the villagers decided to rebuild the wooden chapel to a church. At that time, two churches could not be in one village at the same time – worships in the old church stopped to take place, the roof was torn down and the altar was transferred to the new church on the site of the former chapel.

The church is situated only a few kilometers from Orava castle and Orava barrage. You can stop by while traveling to the Orava castle from Tvrdosin or Trstena.