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12 km

Zemepisné súradnice



5 / 5

Orava was typical with that, that the main source for living for most people was agriculture. Also, parents of Kukucin made living from agriculture, which is proven with equipment located in the yard of the memorial house.

From the commentary, you will learn many things, about a medic Matej Bencur, which behaved to his patients exactly the same way as to his literary characters – with love. He often cured for free, helped everyone, who needed his help regardless of the social status.

In Croatia, where he lived for a long time, they respected him as a great medic, that had no problem to jump on the horse and got to patient kilometers away. In Chile, besides medical prax he was in command of the fire department.

You will learn also how did he get to literature and what inspired him in his surrounding. Directly in the house are located few objects, that he mentions in his works. In the rooms you will find exciting expositions – traditionally furnished room with a small stove and a bed, in which he slept, samples of his literary works or pictures from filmed stories like Rysava jalovica a Neprebudeny.